I was born in Brooklyn, New York and attended Automotive High School.  After completing two years of college at SUNY Farmingdale, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  My interest in photography began while I was in the Navy, working as an Engineman.  What starting as a hobby photographing the faces of the Vietnamese people during Operation Frequent Wind (the evacuation of Vietnam) convinced me that my future was going to be behind a camera.

Following my discharged from the Navy, I joined Newsweek magazine where I worked in their photo lab and in the evening I took classes at Parsons School of Design for photography.  After taking on freelance jobs, I started receiving photography assignments from Newsweek’s advertising special sections.  While working 16 years for the magazine, I continued to travel and photograph worldwide on photo assignments first for the Naval Reserve and then for the Air National Guard as a Master Sergeant assigned to the 111th Fighter Wing, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.  In December 2011  I retired from the military after 34 years of services.

Currently, I am the photographer for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for the State of New York.  My photography has appeared in the New York Times, The Sunday Times, New York Daily News, The Weekly Flickr, Channel Thirteen MetroFocus, MTA brochures and ads.

Patrick J. Cashin


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